Failed Entrepreneurs disrupt.

As an entrepreneur, you have numerous ideas. All of them seem wonderful, financially lucrative, and ground-breaking. But most of them are fleeting positions of passion and joy. And if you’re like me, eventually your attention and work fades out into nothingness. It feels as if everything is empty projects, unfinished business and unattained success. But I believe that this phenomena is a critical portion of every entrepreneur’s success. I think failure is a catalyst for success while stopping is a catalyst for failure. Heres why.

I think every failed venture teaches one core principle. This principle is only picked up by those that understand why they failed. Once this principle is absorbed, you are one step closer to success. In many ways, maneuvering projects and ventures are largely similar. And in many ways, the failure theme is largely consistent: it comes down to a habit, behavior, or characteristic flaw. It represents an issue in work ethic, consistency, or interest. Recognizing the failure in these presents an opportunity for growth. In your next venture, you won’t have this problem again. And this will continue like this until you cover all your bases and get your home run.

The more failures, the better the person. In my opinion, the person that has fell the most and experienced the most pain, will grow the most and experience the most success. But this comes from learning. The one who is seeking to learn from his mistakes the most, is the one that progresses the fastest. Don’t be afraid to fail or be wrong. Be afraid of not wanting to fail or not wanting to be wrong.

If you are wrong you are corrected instantly. If you act under the guise of knowing, you will not know the rest of your life.

If you fail, you will learn and get back up. If you are afraid of failure you will forever remain that way: unable to grow and too scared to fall.

Be afraid of quickly gained success because that means maybe you didn’t learn enough. But embrace failure. By embracing failure, you are embracing big bets, creativity, boldness, and a fresh outtake. Not being afraid of failure allows you to open up your mind and see in a broader scope. It’s the limitation of the fear of failure that is closing your mind without you knowing. Not being afraid of failure allows you to move forward faster and better but also allows you to move the world forward more efficiently. Entrepreneur’s that failed move the world forward. Failed Entrepreneurs disrupt.



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Writing to resolve. Writing to deal with. And writing to reflect.