Hello again Journal

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I’ve been good. I’ve relocated. In a new city away from a support system. It’s exciting, new, and anxiety-inducing. I’ve never relocated this far away from what I have called home for the past 19 years of my life. So it’s a change. It’s much needed. I need to grow and mature. I need to learn to traverse through life on my own, pave my own path, live the good, and endure through the hardships. It’s time to strengthen my resolve, harden my spine, and become a whole adult. As I’m progressing through life, I know that marriage and kids are not far away. I’m only 23 but I know that my parents want me to get married before 30. And I do too. I have to become fiercely independent by then. I want to walk up to my kids with the confidence that comes from the myriad of life experiences. I want to provide. I want unshakable self-esteem. I want to trust fully in my spouse and friends and vice versa. It will take a lot of effort for me to get there. But being on my own is a defining step that will help me with this course.

So besides that. This city is unique. It’s concentrated. Theres life in every alley and laughter in all the streets. I can’t help but notice how culturally diverse this place is. It gives me better exposure to the world and connects me closer to people I never thought I could relate with. It’s the one way I am beginning to grow. Having a better world outlook.

I’m reconsidering my past mistakes and figuring out how to move forward while not being ashamed of them. It’s important that I focus only on the way forward. Making things right from now on will make me and my life better in the future. It’s the only thing I have power over.

So I will be back more frequently now. I am having my bouts of introspection. I wish I were more consistent with writing. But while I cannot affirm that this time that will be the case, I will confirm that I will come into writing each piece with a level of quality and meaning that speaks of something within me.




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Writing to resolve. Writing to deal with. And writing to reflect.