My Next Move

Today, I am feeling cheerful. Just had a cup of coffee and completed one objective out of my 4 for the day already so I am in a good mood. I did start off a little later than I would have liked to but that’s okay. I got out of bed happy and rested. As I look outside the brightness keeps fluctuating every minute as the clouds cover the sun. I want to go outside. I’ll go on a hike soon.

I haven’t been waking up at the desired time recently and I think that is largely because I’m consuming things that which keep me awake later into the day (edibles and late-night Youtube). I would ideally like to fall asleep by 11:30PM but recently I haven’t been falling asleep until about 3AM. I perform very well under stress, so I think I need some more stress in my life at this time to get back on perfect track and become purely disciplined. LOL

Although, I must say, I have been very good with following through on my calendar and have been getting so much done instead of just procrastinating and being lazy all the time. Being up to date on my calendar has really made a huge difference for me in terms of focusing every day. It allows me to set my own structure and it has been awesome. Previously, I used to wing it and keep everything jumbled in my mind. But being the ADHD I am (clinically not as a joke) I would remember something I had to do that day right as I was falling asleep. Now I have a list. I’m trying to be a slave to my calendar. So far its working.

Another thing I have been very proud of is the fact that I have been writing very frequently — almost every day. Writing is a great way for me to build my communication methods and also helps me reflect on the ways of my thinkings and allows me to critique myself and build better from thereon. I love it and for that reason I am so happy I discovered Medium.

Yesterday, for a brief period of time, I felt very overwhelmed by all the things I was doing and by all the tasks that I was taking leadership roles over. But this is all preparing me to move forward and make proper decisions accordingly. I understood today, that I need to start simplifying things. Take it one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself or others with too many choices, too much information, or too much stimuli. Break it down. Often, the answer is very simple. And this simplicity is what you are seeking in any problem or solution. So, my next personal development plan is to break things down. To simplify and thus solving by simplifying. I would like this to be a major MO by which I run my life and thus have to work quite heavily towards that.

Simplicity is key.



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Writing to resolve. Writing to deal with. And writing to reflect.