Self Improvement Notes #1

There are a few things I need to improve in my life. Building Momentum, Consistency, and Saying what I feel. Of course there may be various other ways that I can build myself up. But these three things are stuff I’m lacking in somewhat. If I build these up, I have a feeling that I will be very successful. But how would I go about developing a habit of these things? Let’s start brainstorming one by one.

Building Momentum: I often find it difficult to switch from one mode of activity to another. For example, if I am watching TV or doing other leisure activity, my brain doesn’t get full of that activity, I could do it all day if I wanted to. So I find it difficult to switch from TV to work. But, wonderfully, when I am in work mode, it’s the same thing. I often find it difficult to switch tasks until the work is completed. So that means my only problem with building the momentum of an activity is in starting. That initial activation energy required is the most difficult part for me. Once I get that done, I’m in the zone. So how do I build that activation energy up? I think the task that needs to get done should just be one of the first things I do that day and it should be on my mind as something pressing. If start thinking of the task as something urgent and pressing, I will get started on it and keep the ball rolling.

Consistency: This is all you need in the world. In my opinion. Just wake up every day and chip at the same project, goal, or task in the same fashion by subconsciously getting better and better at it. My problem is I get bored. I find the task or routine work for the goal to be tiring. I become enamored with new projects and new goals. I like to live in the dreams of reached goals but lose sight of that somewhere along the way and have a habit to gloss over the dirty work. I need to fix that. When setting goals, I have to be realistic. I have to understand the work that comes with it and have to continually remind myself everyday what it would be like if I reached it. If I can do that consistently, I can reach my goals consistently.

Saying my mind: I have to be more open sometimes. I often am the ears of the room. I listen more and speak less. While that is a good thing in many ways, I also think that I should share whats on my mind and be blunt in the way I communicate my feelings about whatever topic of discussion. I don’t need to beat around the bush and be uber cognizant of anyone’s sensitivities. Often, I find that trying to say things in sensitive ways makes you more insensitive and disingenuous. So be straightforward and say it how you think and see it. This comes by unraveling the years of polite and subdued speech I am used to.

I hope I can fix these things about myself. I want to do a monthly three things I can improve on and see how I transform myself and see if those three things are transforming as well or remaining the same.




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