Why is it like this and not like that?

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Why do we imagine life in one way yet a completely opposite outcome seems to arise and take us by storm? Are we as humans just that terrible at predicting or creating our destinies or do we lose track and change course? I think it is the latter.

While there is mental freedom in changing track and traversing new frontiers, it is also important to see to end that which you have started unless truly hopeless. What I mean is, start what you finish. Often we stop due to lack of passion, laziness, or inconsistent results. This demotivates us and we stop. We start to seek an invigoration in a new hobby, task or goal. That new thing keeps us going for another period of time till the cycle repeats. When you lose track on one goal and switch up, chances are you will do the same for the next goal. But when you initially conjured up the goal, you did so with the idea of complete execution in your mind. That is, you set the goal with the idea that you will see it through and reach the end. But somewhere along the line, you lost that vision. How do you bring it back so that you stay on track?

One thing for certain is to replay that vision in your head every day or write about that vision every day to serve as a constant reminder for you. A consistent reminder that structures your thinking and tasks for the day, week, or month to come. Another thing is to write in length about a goal you are thinking about setting before you set it. Fleshing out the details will help you understand if you really want to go thru the efforts of seeing that goal through. If the goal seems to be more than you imagined in your mind and are not yet ready to commit to after fleshing it through, don’t take up on it or alter it. Once you set it, you are committed.

Chances are this is a habitual thing — it is for me. Constantly going from one thing to another. Seeing some through, others not so much. Could be an ADHD symptom. But I tend to think we have more power than we credit ourselves with so I am going to say it is pure habit. We can bust ourselves out of it. Just take up one, small, easily executable goal and stick to it. I think that would give the momentum and result driven dopamine you need to keep going. Make this the smallest goal possible like putting your keys in the same place everyday. That small consistent goal reaching will help build your muscles for bigger and greater goals.




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Writing to resolve. Writing to deal with. And writing to reflect.