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Your prompt: Cameron and Geraldine are about to kiss when instead they accidentally hit foreheads really hard and have matching bruises.

“Ow, Fuck!” said Geraldine. “I know the universe doesn’t want us to do this.”

“Uh. It was just an accident. Why do you have to bring in the universe for everything” asked Cameron.

“Because the Universe has never wanted us to be together. It’s not right Cameron” claimed Geraldine.

At this point Geraldine noticed that Cameron was scrutinizing her forehead.

“You know… Our bruises look very similar.” Cameron noted.

“What do you mean? I have a bruise?! I have a play tomorrow! I can’t be bruised.”

Geraldine rushed to the mirror.

“Oh my god! People are going to know…This isn’t right! Biologically this is not how this should be. My mom and dad are going to know!”

Geraldine was visibly shaking and scared.

She continues. “So is my boyfriend!! He’s going to know I almost cheated on him. How could I have been so stupid? I know I shouldn’t have tried to kiss you. Is the bruise really that noticeable?”

“Relax Geraldine. We can just say we bumped into each other as we were passing each other during hall period” said Cameron.

He reached over to comfort her.

“No! You don’t understand. This isn’t right! We cannot be together! This is not the way God intended for us.”

“They used to say that about Gay couples too but now thats totally normal! You can’t always look at life so close-minded. Do what feels right for you. You can’t be forced to live how someone else wants you to live.”

Geraldine paused for a moment. She looked at Cameron. His eyes were deep and longing for some reciprocation from Geraldine. They’ve been in love secretly for years but have never done anything tangible. They exchanged texts, gazes, and DMs on discord but this was the first time they were gearing up to kiss and their plans were foiled when they bumped heads. It wasn’t their fault. Society has never accepted a relationship like theirs. It was totally unheard of and entirely blasphemous . What would others think?

All this was racing through Geraldine’s mind until she took another look at Camerons eyes. Her mind became still for a moment.

“Yeah. You’re right” she said finally.

She leaned in again for a kiss. This time they made contact.

“Ow fuck. Your tongue is sharp!” said Cameron.

“That’s how I was born, I can’t help it. Stop wagging your tail so much!” demanded Geraldine.

They walked away on all 8 legs.



Writing to resolve. Writing to deal with. And writing to reflect.

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Writing to resolve. Writing to deal with. And writing to reflect.